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XINDA GSQ 60K BLDC Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

*Energy saving: Unique high-speed motor, low overall power
consumption, high efficiency, round nuzzle for concentrated air flow,
and shorter drying process. With power rated which is less than half of
other hand dryers.It can complete the drying process two times quicklier
than them. Its specially designed heating element switch to easily shift
between warm air and cold air, making it more energy saving and user
*Safe: This smart hand dryer has multiple protections against
over temperature, over current, and overtime to prevent accidents.
* Comfortable: Micro-smart control chip, coupled with cutting edge
digital infrared receiver processing technique to ensures accurate and
reliable control. When you hand reaches within 10cm to the nuzzle, the
hand dryer will automatically sense it and start to blow warm air. The
hand dryer will stop working automatically after your hand is removed
for I second
* Endurable: Enclosed stream-line stainless steel shell provides
considerably improve water resistance

Voltage: 220V-240V-/50Hz                           110-120V/60Hz
Rated Power: 900W                                       900 W
Current: 3.9A                                                  7.5A
Degree of protection: IP22                            IP22
Air volume: 105m³/h                                     105m³/h
Air velocity: 89m/s                                         89m/s
Packing Size: 615x375x480mm
Unit weight: 4kg
CTN QTY (6pcs): 19.3kg
CTNS of 20'FT: 864pcs (180 CTNS)
Product Size: 252*169*300H(mm)
  • GSQ 60K

XINDA GSQ 60K BLDC Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

The Automatic Hand Dryer is a handy piece of bathroom equipment that saves you time and energy. Unlike traditional hand dryers, which require you to push a button in order to dry your hands, an automatic Hand Dryer uses an infrared sensor to detect when you need to use it. The infrared sensor activates the hand dryer's motor, which then funnels the air through filters and heating elements to dry your hands.


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Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

Hotel Hand Dryer

The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Hand Dryers in Hotels

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is of paramount importance. One key area where hotels can enhance their hygiene practices is in the restroom facilities. An essential component in any modern restroom is a hand dryer. Specifically, wall-mounted hand dryers have gained popularity in recent years due to their efficiency and convenience. This article will explore the benefits of using wall-mounted hand dryers in hotels, focusing on their cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and user experience.


Hotel owners and managers are always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions that provide long-term benefits. Wall-mounted hand dryers prove to be an economical choice in terms of maintenance and operational costs. Unlike paper towels, which need regular restocking and disposal, hand dryers require minimal maintenance. They eliminate the need for purchasing and storing large quantities of paper towels, saving hotels substantial expenses over time.


In the era of environmental consciousness, hotels are increasingly adopting sustainable practices. Wall-mounted hand dryers align perfectly with this goal. By eliminating the use of paper towels, hotels significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Manufacturing paper towels consumes a vast amount of resources, including water and energy. Additionally, the disposal of used paper towels contributes to landfill waste. Embracing wall-mounted hand dryers allows hotels to contribute positively to environmental conservation by reducing paper waste.

User Experience:

Guest satisfaction is paramount in the hotel industry, and providing a seamless and pleasant experience is a top priority. Wall-mounted hand dryers offer several advantages that enhance the user experience. Firstly, they provide quick and efficient hand drying, ensuring guests can continue their activities without unnecessary delays. High-speed hand dryers, in particular, can dry hands in a matter of seconds, offering convenience and time efficiency.

Furthermore, modern wall-mounted hand dryers are equipped with advanced features such as infrared sensors. These sensors detect hand movements, automatically activating the dryer without the need for physical contact. This touchless operation promotes hygienic practices, reducing the risk of cross-contamination among guests. Visitors to hotels appreciate these thoughtful touches, as it demonstrates the establishment's commitment to health and safety.

Design and Space Optimization:

Hotels often prioritize aesthetics and space optimization in their restroom facilities. Wall-mounted hand dryers present an advantage in both aspects. Their sleek and compact design seamlessly integrates into the restroom environment, complementing the overall decor. With their space-saving nature, wall-mounted hand dryers eliminate the need for additional furniture or fixtures, allowing for efficient utilization of restroom space.


Wall-mounted hand dryers have become an indispensable feature in hotel restrooms, offering numerous benefits to both hotel owners and guests. From a financial perspective, they are cost-effective due to low maintenance and reduced paper towel expenses. Sustainability-conscious hotels appreciate their eco-friendly nature, as they eliminate paper waste and promote environmental conservation. In terms of user experience, wall-mounted hand dryers provide efficient hand drying, touchless operation, and contribute to a hygienic environment. Additionally, their sleek design and space optimization capabilities make them an ideal choice for hotels aiming to create visually appealing and functional restrooms. By investing in wall-mounted hand dryers, hotels can elevate their hygiene practices while simultaneously enhancing guest satisfaction, making them a worthy addition to any hospitality establishment.